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Photo of Jennifer HallsJennifer is a natural intuitive. She is an expert at helping people own and use their intuition. She is the developer of You know® and a practicing intuition coach, consultant and teacher. Since 1986, she has led thousands of sessions to help clients experience and understand their intuitive-guidance systems. Her methods are straightforward, practical and fun because Jennifer believes intuition is a natural part of a normal and happy life.

"I encourage everyone to play. Whether it's cooking, golf or pottery, an enjoyable creative activity opens the door for intuitive knowing to be there when we need it."


Jennifer starts with the belief that "Everyone knows."

She offers gentle yet provocative insights into each person's individual exploration. She taps into the way we think and feel and reminds us that the mind and soul see the world in vastly different ways. She does all of this with a very practical approach that involves a lot of humor. She believes intuition is more than just solving the "problem of the moment". It's what makes life feel richer, deepens our experiences and widens our perceptions.

"I believe intuition works on both sides of the brain, as well as throughout the body. My gift is to help people chart their intuition, creating a map with many paths to take for different situations."

Jennifer has helped more than 1,000 people exercise their intuitive muscles to bring more of their hearts and spirits into their work and life. Intuition, she believes, is a normal part of everyday life, and she helps us discover how to seamlessly use it.

More than a decade ago, intuition led Jennifer into doing this as a full time career. Her professional dedication, satisfaction and personal happiness are clear, and she works to get the same results for her clients. As one customer put it, "she's the "Mary Poppins" of Intuitive Coaches. She's magical, but she makes you work to learn it for yourself."


Jennifer has studied art, energy and spirituality on four continents with many gifted teachers. Her tapestry-like background has led to a coaching philosophy and method that bridges professions and personalities. Her use of creativity reveals aspects of the self that may stay hidden with more cognitive approaches.

Jennifer has had a love for labyrinths and their transformative qualities for many years. In 2009 she completed the labyrinth facilitator training program through Dr. Lauren Artress (below left). She enjoys helping people make and use portable labyrinths of all sizes. Pictured below (center) is the permanent labyrinth in her backyard.

Jennifer Halls and Dr. Lauren Artress Labyrinth in Jennifer's backyard Jennifer Halls and Sobonfu Somé

Her influences and mentors include Sobonfu Somé (above right), a respected indigenous teacher and author from the Dagara tribe of Burkino Faso, West Africa. After assisting and studying with Somé for four years, Jennifer participated in a Dagara Initiation in 2004. She continues to study this tradition and has been invited to visit Sobonfu's village in 2011.

Jennifer is also an ordained minister through the Rev. Rosalyn Bruyere (below left), the renowned author, researcher and practitioner of energy medicine. That training has led Jennifer to focus on bringing more spirit into everyday life, untethered to the tenets of organized religion.

Jennifer Halls and Rosalyn Bruyere Jennifer Halls and his Holiness the Gyalwa Menriwa

Through her association with Bruyere, Jennifer has studied some of the practices of Bon, the indigenous religion of Tibet. Her teachers have included the leader of the Bon-Po, his Holiness the Gyalwa Menriwa (above right), whom she visited in 2000. This photo is taken at the Menri Monastary in northern India.

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