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How long have you been doing this?

All my life, really. But I started my full-time business in 1997 after working part-time with people and intuition since the mid-1980s. Back then, I was a curator of art and did intuition sessions as a hobby. It was a part of my life that only certain people knew about. Then it started taking over, and I had people connected to my “real world” job wanting me to work with them. Being an intuitive at that time was still seen as strange and I wanted to change that perception.  I had been using it for practical purposes for years and decided I wanted to help others value and use their intuition, making it normal again.
Who do you work with?

Over the years my clients have included accountants, artists, actors, authors, attorneys, bank executives, acupuncturists, CIA agents, CEOs, doctors, police, therapists—you name it.

What is a session like?

We start off by talking about what’s going on in your life and what you’d like the session to focus on. Often, that’s all that’s needed to reveal ways to open your intuition.  Every session is unique, designed just for you because I use my intuition to find and coax yours. We’ll follow a circuitous route aimed at opening blocks and mapping where intuition speaks loudest in your body. I act as a guide.  I will help you check the validity of any intuitive ‘hit’ I get.  As well as give direction and tips of things to try. Based on our findings you’ll get an understanding of ways to improve your inner connection.

If every session is unique, then what is You know.®?

You know.® is an expanding base of knowledge, of ways to figure out how an individual’s unique intuition ‘system’ works.  Over the years I have discovered many ways to help map and unlock intuition and with every session, more ways are revealed.  The combination of techniques is always different.  The You know.® book will have many techniques to choose from. All have worked for a lot of people.

How do I prepare for an appointment?

It’s important we find a language that has meaning for you, so I suggest you start by thinking about what you believe. Intuition works in all belief systems – Christian, Buddhist, Agnostic, Jungian, etc. Working within the framework of your beliefs makes our efforts easier and more effective.

Next, think about what you want from the session, then let it go and enjoy the experience. Holding onto your expectations is like leaving the door open a crack with the chain on and expecting people to be able to walk through. It limits what we might accomplish.

If you want to learn more about your intuition and how you can use it in everyday life, you won’t be disappointed. However, if you’re looking for a psychic reading or to test my intuitive abilities, save your money.

Why are all of your individual sessions done over the phone?

Mostly because my clients live all over the country. But, I prefer phone work because clients seem to be much more relaxed in their own homes. That helps both them and me. I always advise them to set aside time after the appointment to rest and process what they've learned. Climbing behind the wheel is not the best way to do that. Besides, with the price of gas it’s more economical and carbon-footprint conscious.

Are you a therapist?  Is this like therapy?

No, I’m not. In fact, if I feel you are trying to use me as a therapist, I will stop our work together and refer you to a professional analyst.  That said, I have many therapists as clients and I do work with people in therapy. They often tell me that becoming more intuitively adept helps both sides of the therapeutic process.

I have a gift helping people chart their intuition. Working together, we create an inner map that gives you more pathways and choices to find solutions that work for you. Finding solutions is only part of what opening your intuition will do.  It’s really a way to a richer, deeper and more experiential way of life.

Do you help solve problems?

Not in a traditional, left-brain, analytical way. I like to marry the left and right brains to find practical solutions supported by your inner guidance. I believe a balanced life comes from both sides of the brain, and intuition speaks to us throughout the body.

Do some of your clients already have intuitive abilities?

We all have intuition. So I work with everybody from advanced practitioners, such as professional psychics and mediums, to beginners wondering what this is all about. If you want to, there is always more to learn and ways to improve.

Can you help with self-confidence?

Absolutely. Self-confidence boils down to trusting yourself. Everyone I've ever met who truly trusts themselves has been highly intuitive.  Learning to navigate and chart your intuition is all about learning to trust yourself.  The first step is to confide in yourself by listening to what you know deep down.

What is guidance?

That depends on you and what you believe. Some people think of guidance as a way to interact with their inner wisdom. Others consider it to be outside of themselves, either as part of their relationship with God, family members who have passed away or even through a benign world of spiritual helpers.

What is your philosophy?

I believe that ‘everyone knows’ and that each person has a unique way to discover their knowing. I feel a direct, humor-filled and very practical approach is useful in engaging an individual exploration of knowing. The mind and soul see the world in vastly different ways. Intuition is more soul oriented, it is useful for problem solving, but it is so much more. It’s what makes life feel richer, deepens our experiences and widens our perceptions.

What about your teaching style?

I think the following says what I strive to be as a teacher. It was written by Cynthia Fillman after she attended one of my workshops in 2006.

Very Best Teacher

It seems to me, the mark of the very best teacher
Lies within her ability to stir each student’s heart
So that the questions I don’t even realize I should ask
Bubble forth from the lips of others
And the energy of curiosity, expansion and opening
Weaves in and among each of us
Binding us together
In honor of ourselves
Of Spirit
And of our Teacher
So that which might have been birthed
Tender, fragile and vulnerable
Arrives instead into a place of Power
A place expanded with the energy and love
Of each of us – a sum total that is
Magnificent, beautiful and vibrant!
And therefore, what the Teacher has inspired
Becomes an energy tapestry

– © Cynthia Fillman, March 5, 2006

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