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Personal and Professional Intuition Consulting

With more than 20 years of experience, Jennifer helps clients both personally and professionally discover, understand and use their inner knowing. "I love my work --every 'body' works differently and every session I do, I learn something." She uses her intuition and Guidance to help you decipher where your intuition may be stuck or ignored, and she teaches you to unlock, recognize and use this valuable resource. Her clients learn to understand, sense and utilize what's going on energetically. If you desire a relationship with Spirit, she specializes in helping you build a connection to communicate effectively.

“Intuition is innate to being human; it can’t be taught. It can be discovered. Everyone is unique and has a different intuitive system. I help people become aware of how they’re using it now and how to explore its potential. It’s like realizing you're using a typewriter when you have Siri available.”

One session is a useful first step in turning an elusive hunch or gut feel into practical decision-making.

Your new synchronize lifestyle can include:

Freedom from Blocks
Reduced Stress
Communication with Guidance
Expanded Creativity
Understanding Energy
Solutions for Problems
Improved Relationships
Effective Decision-Making
Productive Hiring
Increased Profitabilit

Working With Me...

All individual sessions take place over the phone Click to learn more about milagros.

picture of phone boothPhone appointments are more effective for many reasons. People are usually more relaxed in their own environment; find it easier to set aside time after the appointment to rest and process what they’ve learned; think it’s more economical (with the price of gas) and feel it’s carbon-footprint conscious.

"When an appointment is scheduled I give you my number to call. I advise using a headset or speaker, so that you can feel your process without distraction. I do not record the sessions, I don’t mind if you do. Sessions are experiential, most people take some notes, but being in the experience is the main focus."

Jennifer also works over the phone as a consultant to many businesses. It is a good way for a business to get clear unbiased advice from a totally intuitive perspective. Her insight reveals other angles from which to view things, often identifying potential problems and creative solutions that save time and money.

What happens...
How to Prepare...
Solving Specific Problems...
About You know.®...

What happens... Click to learn more about milagros.

A session starts by talking about what’s going on in your life and what you’d like the session to focus on. Often, that’s all that’s needed to reveal ways to open your intuition. From there, every session is unique. Jennifer uses her intuition to find and coax yours. Often she gets an intuitive ‘hit’ about something; she uses these insights to help amplify your intuitive process. She helps scout out ways to improve the connection to your inner knowing and guidance. Together you’ll map where intuition speaks loudest in your body and open blocks to that path. The route is rarely direct; it is more circuitous by nature. Yet, the results are very specific and meet your needs. Back to top

How to prepare...

It’s important to find a language that has meaning for you, so start by thinking about what you believe. Intuition works in all belief systems – Christian, Buddhist, Agnostic, Jungian, etc. Working within the framework of your beliefs will make your efforts easier and more effective.

Next, think about what you want from the session, and then let it go and enjoy the experience. Holding onto an expectation makes it easy to discount experience. Exploring intuition is subtle work that requires presence. If your focus is on what you think should be happening, rather than what is, you will limit your experience. Getting yourself in a curious state, ‘I wonder what will happen’, will help you let go and insure a powerful experience.

Lastly, please remember that the intent is always for you to learn more about your intuition and how you can use it in everyday life. Every once in a while someone will call with the intent to get a purely psychic reading or to test Jennifer’s intuitive abilities; they end up disappointed.

Jennifer works as a business consultant giving intuitive advice and forecasts. For individuals, she is a coach and consultant. Her intent is to empower your knowing, not for you to rely on her. Back to top

Solving specific problems...

Jennifer believes solutions come from connecting both sides of the brain to the body’s awareness. From that place, our deep knowing resonates truth throughout our being. This state feels different every time, but there are points of reference that are helpful in 'getting there'.

Working together, an inner map is created that gives more pathways and choices to find solutions that work for you. Finding solutions is only part of what opening your intuition will do. It’s really a way to a richer, deeper and more experiential way of life. Back to top

About You know.® ...

You know.® is an expanding base of knowledge, of ways to figure out how your unique intuition ‘system’ works. Over the years Jennifer has discovered how to help map and unlock intuition. With each session and/or workshop, more ways are revealed. The combination of techniques is always different. All have worked; it’s finding what’s right for you. Back to top

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