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Custom Experiential Workshops

Intuition Trainings Designed for Your Group or Business Click to learn more about milagros.

Let Jennifer Halls design intuition trainings to meet the needs of your business or group. Intuition takes root faster when working in a group because everyone is able to see the results and provide validation/proof that it works.

For groups, it enhances personal growth, creativity, and access to your intuition (see About You know.® Workshops, Retreats for Women and Tarot Workshops).

For businesses, it adds to creative thinking, and gives a professional edge that ultimately enhances profit, personal satisfaction and success.

“Intuition works well at work… whether it’s around hiring, sales or development. Every situation can be improved with an intuitive twist. It also helps people become their best both personally and professionally, which creates a great work environment.”

Don’t have time or interest in developing your own intuition? Getting an intuition consultant for business advice is becoming more common. According to Newsweek’s June 2008 issue, intuitionists have crossed into the world of mainstream business, some receiving 10K a month per company for their ‘insights’. By comparison, Jennifer’s advice is very affordable.

Need more information or want Jennifer to teach a workshop for your group/business? Contact contact Susan Hough at (703) 505-5152 or email her at

Speaking Engagements & Presentations Click to learn more about milagros.

Jennifer Halls is a skilled speaker and offers a variety of interactive talks on intuition. Her speeches are more like mini-workshops as they all invite audience participation.

“I could talk all day about intuition and it would be interesting. But why not entertain and give a memorable experience of intuition? It’s easy to do and it really makes an impact.”

Her presentations are fun, informal and tailor-made for her audience, whether at a conference, in a board room or at a school. Some of her previous titles:

  • Intuition through Bar-B-Q
  • I Knew It, Why didn’t I Do It?
  • Intuition is The Only Real Valuable Thing?
  • Uncommon Sense

Need more information or ready to book Jennifer? Contact contact Susan Hough at (703) 505-5152 or email her at

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